Tutor (SAT/ACT, Literature, French, History, Math)

Cara graduated magna cum laude from Princeton with a B.A. in Comparative Literature. Her linguistic concentrations were French, Italian, German, and Old Provençal; her main academic areas of study were French Modernism, Italian Medievalism, and German Marxism, all three of which informed her interest in troubadour poetry and, consequently, Old Provençal. At Princeton, Cara also earned a certificate in Creative Writing; her thesis won the Fagles Prize.

A native of northern New Jersey, Cara moved across the Hudson River to Manhattan upon graduation. Although she wrote a poetry thesis as an undergraduate, Cara eventually transitioned over to long-form fiction and worked at Printed Matter, a nonprofit gallery that specializes in artist’s books. Prior to college, Cara had acted professionally Off Broadway, and she drew upon this background as she got her start as a writer, occasionally appearing in friends’ films, plays, and photographs.

Throughout her career in the arts, Cara has continued to tutor the subjects she loves, especially French, history, literature, and math—she is delighted when the chance to teach Old Provençal arises. She prepares students for a wide range of standardized tests, specializing in the SAT I, the ACT, and various SAT IIs. Cara currently serves as co-editor of Works & Days, a nonprofit quarterly that showcases work in various media and has combined a wide variety of Cara’s pursuits. Creatively, she is at work on a novella about the Donner Party (putting her knowledge of U.S. history to artistic use) and providing the libretto for an operatic adaptation of Henry James’ The Ambassadors.


Princeton University