College Advisor

Hetal has over 15 years of experience as an educator and has helped hundreds of students navigate their academic careers, even leading them into their first jobs. As a graduate of Stuyvesant High School, Hetal understood early on the impact of competitive and challenging educational environments. Interested in the process of learning, she pursued Behavioral Neuroscience at Lehigh University and worked for the largest test prep company, teaching the specialized high school exam, the SAT, SAT 2s, GREs, and LSATs. To ensure she was providing the best education possible to her students, Hetal completed three Masters degrees in a span of four years while working full time with her students. She obtained a Master in Education from Harvard University, a Master in Psychology from Queens College of New York, and a MBA from IE Business School in Spain. While working in the Harvard admissions office, Hetal gained an in-depth look at the qualifications necessary to be admitted to and succeed in a challenging environment. While working for two years with hundreds of leading students bound for top universities across various academic environments in China, Hetal developed the insight and passion for developing capable global citizens who can succeed in any global company with 21st century skills. Hetal is also a social entrepreneur and has successfully started an academic support services company bridging educational gaps for students across grades 3 to 12. More recently, she started a nonprofit that operates programs around the world, ensuring each student understands what educational opportunities help him or her reach specific goals.


Lehigh University
Harvard University
Master of Education
Queens College of New York
Master of Psychology
IE Business School, Spain