Susan McGuire

College Advisor

Susan McGuire is an educator with over fifteen years of experience working with both traditional and non-traditional students as an academic advisor and college admissions counselor. She began her career in education as Assistant Director of Admission at Brown University and has worked in private high schools as Associate Director and Director of College Counseling. On the admissions side, Susan has evaluated college applications from all over the United States and some parts of the world, including the West Indies and Africa. On the counseling side, Susan has many years of experience guiding students and families from private and public schools with varying academic backgrounds, including first-generation American and international applicants. Most recently, she lived and worked in China with Chinese national students seeking admission to American colleges. Susan’s years of experience working with students of all types as well as her formal training in counseling and theology have formed her into a compassionate, insightful counselor and coach whose primary concern is aiding students in their process of self-discovery and in helping students position themselves for admittance to the ideal colleges for them. 

In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree from Brown University, Susan also has a Masters Degree in Education from University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters in Theological Studies from Emory University. Susan possesses a great passion for guiding students through this part of their life’s journey and takes great pleasure in introducing young people to the many exciting college opportunities that exist throughout the country and around the world. 

University experience

Brown University
Assistant Director of Admission


Brown University
University of Pennsylvania
Emory University