Kaplan Announces Free PSAT Prep

Inside Higher Ed reported today that following in the footsteps of Khan Academy, which has been offering free SAT test prep since April, Kaplan Test Prep will offer eight one-hour live PSAT prep sessions starting October 1, 2016, noting that the PSAT is "the first meaningful step on [students'] path to college."

According to Business Wire, Lee Weiss, Kaplan's Vice President of college admissions programs, explained, “With $180 million in National Merit scholarships awarded to top-scoring PSAT takers, we want to help students achieve their best possible PSAT scores, which is why we decided to make our best teachers available for free. We’re excited to provide all students with engaging, motivating content delivered live from dynamic, expert teachers, which will give them the ability to ask and have their questions answered in real time -- within a community of other motivated PSAT peppers."

Inside Higher Ed speculated about whether this latest announcement was part of a competition in the free test prep space. Competition or not, free test prep can only be good!