Should You Submit Just One More Application?

So, you have been working on your college list for months. You have added and deleted many schools from that list, and you finally have the list finished. You have written your last supplement essay and hit submit on your last application. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Then, someone mentions the low acceptance rate at one of your schools and you start to panic. Should you add a few more schools to your list?

Before you rush to add more schools, please stop and take a moment to think. Just like people, colleges are insecure and want to be wanted. Admission officers like to read about how great their school is in the supplement essays. If you are rushing to hit submit to schools at the last minute, have you really taken the time to learn enough about the college to show that you want them? Do you even want them? If a college doesn’t believe that you really want to go to that school, they are unlikely to admit you so there is little benefit to you.

Does anyone win if you do rush to hit submit on those applications? Well, the college does if there is an application fee. The college also wins because their number of applications has risen. Every year, colleges announce that they have record-breaking application numbers. It is a point of pride and announced on many brochures. Many schools even make it easier to apply by waiving fees or eliminating supplement essays with the goal of hitting those record number of applications.

Do not let fear dictate your behavior. Last minute applications rarely showcase the individuality of the students. The quality of your applications is more important than the quantity of applications. Your submitted applications have included demonstrated interest through your well researched supplements, interviews and campus visits. When throwing in last minute applications, there is rarely time to do the same with these new schools. So, your application would not be showcasing you in the best light.

Have faith in your hard work and know that the payoff is coming soon!