Our program does more.

We don’t just help students get into their first-choice colleges. Our counselors provide holistic support throughout high school, helping students become more intellectually engaged, develop leadership qualities, and have an impact on the world.

Advising High School Students

Identify your passions

College Prep 360 counselors work individually with high school students in all grades to help them understand what excites them. We suggest academic opportunities outside of school, support high school students as they plan and execute meaningful extracurricular activities, advise on course selection, standardized testing timelines and standardized testing preparation, help plan college visits, prepare applicants for college interviews, and advise on all aspects of creating a list of colleges that will give students the best college options.

College Essays and Applications

Stand out from the rest

Once our students have identified their “dream colleges,” we help them present themselves in the best possible light.  Simply put: College Prep 360 students get accepted at their top-choice institutions.

Our team of former admissions officers and writing specialists work collaboratively to ensure that students benefit from our collective expertise. Together, we have read tens of thousands of college applications. We have the mileage to know what it takes to create authentic, unique applications that stand out even in the most selective applicant pools. 

College Prep 360 has helped hundreds of students make their college dreams come true.  When the admissions decisions come out, we hear the same two words over and over again: thank you.

  • 94%
  • Parents who feel their college advisor helped their child develop his/her ideas

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Emotional Intelligence

Set goals and follow through

Dr. Joie Jager-Hyman, Founder and President of College Prep 360, has spent years researching how to best support students in their transition from high school to college. This was the topic of her dissertation at Harvard and her current work with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, where she is collaborating with researchers on how to promote emotional intelligence in the college admissions process.

Our team incorporates the "best practices" from this work, encouraging students to think of their journey to college as something that can empower them. We support them as they evolve into leaders, learn to advocate for themselves, and leave the world better than they found it.

College Prep 360 students find it easy to write outstanding applications because we help them become outstanding people.

Leadership Development

Make an impact

College Prep 360 counselors enjoy helping high school students identify areas in which they can invest their time and make an impact.  Whether it is rallying their peers around community issues, raising awareness for environmental causes or public health campaigns or carving out safe spaces for interfaith and political discussions, we work with our students to build organizations and fight for changes that make the world a better place.  College Prep 360 supports them through every step of the process of becoming a young leader--from coming up with a meaningful idea, to getting community and school buy-in, to recruiting volunteers, dealing with setbacks, and ultimately celebrating their well-earned successes.