Essay Coach

Raised in the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho, by an extended family of writers and editors, Aaron learned the value of collaboration in the writing process from a young age. The consternation of seeing the early drafts of his high school essays returned soaked in red ink gave way to an acceptance of the wisdom behind the edits and his understanding of the way the best writing gets made. These lessons live on with him today as he offers his guidance along the path to a truly excellent college essay. Aaron attended Dartmouth College, graduating with a BA in Studio Art, cum laude with Honors, and worked as a TA in Spanish and Italian and tutored local high school students.

Aaron maintains a painting studio, writes for Vice Mexico, and has developed a practice he calls English Coaching, in which he works with executives, entertainment industry professionals, and other creatives to develop their abilities to pitch, write, present, and express their true selves and ideas in their second language. The discipline isn’t about learning English per se; rather it is a development, deepening, and polishing of writing, speaking, and presentation skills for fluent speakers who find themselves beyond their comfort zones and looking for another level of excellence.

Just as he has done in developing his own voice on the page and in the studio, Aaron thrives in helping others explore the visual power of language and specializes in helping College Prep 360 students develop vibrant, memorable stories that make an impact in the admissions committee room. Aaron approaches each interaction with his students with the utmost curiosity--probing to find what makes each individual shine and how best to coax out the most meaningful details --and builds winning structures on those foundations. His core belief is that, if he can connect with a student on a personal level, he can and will guide that student to their best outcome.