College Advisor

Ann has over 35 years of experience in admissions at Brown University’s Department of Education. She has read thousands of applications which include personal statements, letters of recommendation and resumes. She has chaired admission committees and has invaluable experience into what it takes to be a stand out candidate. In her role at Brown she also interviewed prospective candidates, attended national, regional and local recruitment fairs at highly selective institutions of higher education and served as a freshman advisor. As a graduate of Brown’s Management Development Program, her capstone project concentrated on the implementation of need blind admission. Ann has also been a member of the Brown First Readings program, choosing the book each year for incoming and transfer students to read during the summer. Her favorite reading was My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor in 2016.

Over the past five years, Ann has served as an independent college admissions consultant, assisting both students and parents in person and remotely to navigate the college admission process in a patient and insightful manner.

In her free time, Ann loves to travel, read and seek out new coffee shops.

University experience

Brown University
Former Sr. Assistant Admission Director, Education Department