Editorial Manager

Cara has the distinction of being College Prep 360's first employee. In Cara’s half-dozen years with the company, she has read and edited hundreds of essays that have won admission at all of the country’s top colleges—and a few abroad. Cara’s own essays may be read on The Guardian’s Op-Ed page. Primarily, Cara is an essayist, but she has also worked as curator, librettist, poet, editor, translator, and playwright. Following an early acting career that included an Off-Broadway run as Hero in Much Ado About Nothing and an appearance in Woody Allen's Celebrity, Cara graduated Magna cum laude from Princeton, where she majored in Comparative Literature (linguistic concentrations: French, Italian, German, and Old Provençal) and took a certificate in poetry under C. K. Williams; her thesis won the Fagles Prize. She went on to work at Printed Matter and eventually published and edited her own literary quarterly, Works & Days. Outside of her work as an essayist and editor, Cara enjoys New York from her Chelsea perch—allowing her to gaze out across the Hudson River at her native land, New Jersey. 


Princeton University