Essay Coach

Dillon is a Brooklyn-based writer, actor, and educator originally hailing from the small midwestern town of Plain City, Ohio. He received his B.A. from Yale University in Sociology with a concentration in Performance in Society, connecting these creative and educational passions to help himself and others better understand their perspectives in a broader context. Having tackled the all-too-mysterious admissions process himself, he is committed to employing this experience to help other students do the same.

During his time at Yale, Dillon held positions as a Recruitment Coordinator and Regional Ambassador for the Yale College Undergraduate Admissions Office, working closely with admissions officers and prospective students alike. From delivering informational sessions to overseeing Yale’s annual admitted students weekend, he developed a robust understanding of the same acceptance process that had once seemed opaque and the qualities these offices look for in their applicants. Outside of Yale, Dillon worked as a Program Director and Seminar Chair for Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership—a high school-focused leadership and service non-profit with which he is still active today.

This combination of admissions and youth development experience has enabled Dillon to assist many students through the important but complex transition to college, specifically in the crafting of their unique, impactful essays. As a trained playwright/screenwriter, he brings a strong understanding of narrative structure and audience engagement to every application, honoring each student’s individual voice, challenges, and goals. Applying to college can (and should) provide an exciting opportunity for growth and expansion, and Dillon strives to employ his sociological and professional experience to provide students with the tools to feel confident in their story, their application, and their individual path forward.