Essay Coach

A proud father and longtime youth sports coach, Eddie is passionate about teaching and prides himself on his ability to connect with pupils. He’s emphatic in his belief that essay coaching isn’t just about producing x-hundred great words for the sole purpose of getting into college. It’s about growing. It’s about becoming a better writer. It’s about helping each student find the unique voice that will inform their writing for years to come.

Eddie spent nearly two decades writing for ESPN, where he learned that detail is king. And that there's no substitute for a great lede. A versatile multimedia storyteller who's covered the NBA, NFL, MLB, and everything in between, he's appeared regularly on TV and radio as both a reporter and analyst. His feature on Oakland A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy was named one of the 49 greatest stories in the history of ESPN The Magazine. Prior to joining the worldwide leader, he worked as a high school teacher, professional actor, and Club Med G.O.

A University of Pennsylvania graduate who’s worked in the Penn admissions office and served as an alumni interviewer, he’s intimately familiar with the college application process. After college, he stayed away from his native Baltimore for a long, long time (with stops in the Caribbean, Mexico, California, and Pennsylvania) and vowed never to return. Naturally, he returned, dragging his wife Whitney and their three boys along for the ride.


University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School