College Advisor

As an educator with 15 years of experience on both sides of the college admissions process, Eileen guides students toward the galvanizing moments that spark growth by asking, “What excites you? What makes you tick?”

Before becoming an independent college advisor, Eileen spent nearly 10 years as an admissions officer at the University of Pennsylvania, Saint Joseph’s University, and The Catholic University of America. After evaluating thousands of applications and interviewing hundreds of prospective students, she quickly learned what made candidates stand out when they wrote about who they are and their visions for the future. Eileen is able to draw on her wide knowledge of various institutional priorities to help students tailor their writing to the colleges on their list and write persuasively about how they hope to contribute to each one.

In her work at College Prep 360, Eileen also inspires her students to reflect on what they value most in their intellectual and personal development. This guides her in mentoring them to identify academic and extracurricular passions that will resonate with selective college admissions officers. She sees this collaboration as having a dual purpose: students gain credentials they need to get into a top college and also develop into people who will shine once they enroll—and beyond.

Eileen and her family live in Philadelphia, where her three young children keep her on her toes at all times. She enjoys finding the buzziest restaurant in the city, watching live music, traveling, and running. She has competed in three marathons (Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City) and even tried her hand at improv comedy—before deciding to stick to her day job.

University experience

University of Pennsylvania
Admissions Manager
St. Joseph's University
Assistant Director of Admissions
The Catholic University of America
Admissions Counselor