Essay Coach

Eskor received his A.B. in English and American Literature from Harvard University and an MFA in Fiction from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. His teaching experience extends ten years, including time spent as a tutor, a middle school English and Social Studies teacher, and a professor of Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. As an Essay Coach, Eskor aims to create a warm and high-standard environment based on communication, curiosity, and a genuine love of learning.

A native of Trinidad and Tobago, he moved to the U.S. in 2007 and has lived in various states across the country since. In his free time, he practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu, plays chess online, and takes photographs around New York City. Most importantly, he is a writer and lover of literature at heart. Amongst his favorite authors are Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Renata Adler, Rachel Cusk, Italo Calvino, Salman Rushdie, and Álvaro Mutis. He is currently at work on his first novel and is always open to a good book recommendation.