College Advisor

Evan has spent over a decade working with prospective students in higher education, with a specialization in "fit" and essay preparation. During his three years with College Prep 360, he’s enjoyed strategizing with students to dive deep into the WHY and develop an authentic narrative to target “hidden” majors and unique interdisciplinary interests at elite universities.

Evan served five years in the admissions office at the University of Chicago, his alma mater. His roles included Director of Content and the New York Regional Director of Admissions, where he lived for four years and worked from UChicago’s office in Rockefeller Center, evaluating over 10,000 applications. Evan frequently collaborated with fellow Ivy+ offices to recruit and differentiate between competitive students common at NYC, Westchester, and Long Island schools.

Since leaving higher ed, Evan has worked with hundreds of students independently and has traveled extensively to speak at universities in China on essay strategies and holistic admissions tips. He also spent time developing marketing and products at several technology startups, including a digital portfolio tool used by faculty committees at colleges and conservatories.

With training as a cellist, actor, and playwright, Evan’s primary passion has always been celebrating music and the arts. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he spent three years developing a digital catalog for emerging artists as part of a Swedish music label.

University experience

University of Chicago
New York Regional Director, Admissions & Employer Development


University of Chicago