College Advisor

Evan has spent close to a decade working with prospective students in higher education, with a specialization on "fit" and essay preparation. He served five years in the admissions office at the University of Chicago, his alma mater. His roles included Director of Content and the New York Regional Director of Admissions, where he evaluated over 10,000 applications. Working from UChicago's office in Rockefeller Center, Evan collaborated with fellow Ivy+ offices, including traveling frequently with Brown, Columbia, Cornell & Rice, to recruit and differentiate between competitive students common at NYC, Westchester, and Long Island schools.

With training as an entrepreneur, cellist, actor, poet, and playwright, Evan enjoys strategizing with students juggling interdisciplinary interests and targeting the "hidden" majors and underrepresented programs at elite universities. Evan has found that the most successful relationships involve communicating in a way that develops trust and accountability with each student, often making use of texting and video chats via Skype and Facetime.

Since leaving higher ed, Evan has worked with hundreds of students through his own consulting practice, spent time at several technology startups, including ChaseFuture (now Dyad Mentoring), traveling extensively to speak at universities in China on essay strategies and holistic admissions tips. Currently Evan resides in Los Angeles and makes frequent visits to NYC and Stockholm to visit artists and clients through his role as West Coast Development Manager at a global music label.

University experience

University of Chicago
New York Regional Director, Admissions & Employer Development


University of Chicago