College Advisor

Leaning on her ten years of experience in college counseling and admissions, Lena has helped hundreds of students receive acceptances to prestigious top-ranked colleges and universities, including every Ivy League college. She helps students build their application narrative by encouraging them to make an impact through unique extracurricular activities, classes, and seizing the right opportunities. Her training as a school counselor has shaped her counseling style which is a student-centered, reflective approach that promotes this process as one of self-discovery. In her role as a college counselor for College Prep 360, she helps students find their authentic voice during this transformative process as well as identifying the colleges that will allow them to thrive. Having visited over 100 colleges and universities across the country and some abroad, she has cultivated strong relationships with admission offices and how students can best position themselves to take advantage of unique programs and majors.

In addition to her experience advising students, Lena has read thousands of applications for the University of California and has a keen understanding of what makes a candidate stand out in crowded applicant pools. Lena is an active member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, American School Counselor Association, and other local organizations. She has presented at different conferences and volunteered her free time to host free workshops for community organizations. Lena also received a fully-funded grant from Harvard’s admission team to attend their College Admission Certificate Summer Program. She even taught an undergraduate class about U.S. college admissions at a renowned university in Istanbul.

Having recently moved to Los Angeles from New York, she spends her free time exploring her new city. An avid lover of the outdoors, you can find her in the ocean on her paddleboard or on a long hike in the mountains. When she is not outdoors, she is solving Japanese puzzle games, reading for two book clubs, and taking classes at UCLA.

University experience

University of California
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