Head Editor

Originally from San Diego, Leonora is an artist and educator based in Los Angeles, CA. A born teacher, Leonora has a passion for education and helping others find their voices. In support of those interests, she has edited essays and creative works for over 20 years. Many students with whom she has worked on application essays have gone on to attend their first-choice programs, including Yale, Penn, NYU’s Tisch School, and the University of California.

Leonora has taught at USC, Oxbridge Academic Programs, and Los Angeles High School of the Arts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Yale, where she majored in American Studies and was instrumental in creating the university’s African American Studies Digital Library database.

Leonora later earned her MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where she was honored with the HSF Cheech Marin Award, the NHFA Scholarship, and the SUN Cinematography Award. Her MFA thesis film, Madrugada quebradiza: The Break of Day," earned an Imagen Award Nomination in the Short Film category. She is also a 2020 ASC Vision Award winner and a semifinalist in the 2020 Breakthrough Science Prize Filmmaker's Challenge.

Leonora spent her youth in competitive gymnastics and enjoys a dedicated noncompetitive adult practice. She also enjoys singing, yoga, and teaching her slightly internet-famous dog, Penny Loggins, to do advanced tricks like spelling and counting.