College Advisor

For the last 25 years, Michele has helped students on their path to college, working from both sides of the desk–-as an independent college counselor and advisor to several higher education-related non-profits, and as an admissions officer. For over a decade, Michele served as an Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions at the University of California at Berkeley and the City University of New York (CUNY). Michele has also served as an admissions interviewer for Harvard and Middlebury Colleges, as a Fulbright program advisor, and as an outside reader/evaluator for UC Berkeley’s Undergraduate Admissions office, focusing on applicants to their prestigious Engineering programs.

After reading and evaluating thousands of college applications, Michele has a keen sense for how to bring out the best in students, by helping them to recognize their unique strengths and experiences and by helping to demystify the college search and application process. She loves helping students find innovative ways to explore their academic interests, and to find the “best fit” schools for each individual. Michele also worked as an editor for a literary magazine and has taught many workshops on narrative writing and storytelling; helping students explore and tell their unique stories is a great passion of hers.

Michele currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, but grew up “bicoastal” and is familiar with colleges and universities across the United States. She’s an alum of the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions, and a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), the Western Association of College Admissions Counselors (WACAC) and NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

In her free time, Michele enjoys traveling near and far, hiking the hills of Northern California with her family and dog, and listening to podcasts.

University experience

University of California at Berkeley
Assistant Dean/Director of Admissions and Reader/Evaluator
City University of New York
Director of Admissions
California College of the Arts
Director of International Programs
Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Office of International Education


Middlebury College
University of San Francisco
Harvard University Graduate School of Education