Essay Coach

Nicolas devoted several years to the publishing industry, first as an undergraduate at Yale, supporting the editorial team at the Yale University Press and subsequently, upon graduating, in the literary department at International Creative Management. His tenure at ICM offered meaningful instruction in refining language and structure, across drafts, to best tell authors’ stories and cater to their intended audiences.

As an Essay Coach, Nicolas takes pleasure in cultivating students’ own nascent authorial voices as they learn to articulate their thoughts and experiences in ways that demonstrate their potential. He believes that eloquent writing requires vivid instances of clarity and thoughtful reflection; the strongest essays present students’ best portraits and demand singular moments of self-realization. He cherishes the opportunity to support his students’ personal growth at this critical juncture and to have a tangible impact on their edification.

Nicolas was born in Poland and raised in New York where he graduated with honors from Beacon High School, studied cello in the precollege program at the Manhattan School of Music, and fell in love with the city’s rich cultural diversity from his trilingual household. He received his B.A in English from Yale University and currently lives in Brooklyn.


Yale University