Associate Counselor

Guided by her life-long passion for education and nearly a decade of experience working with students as a freelance admissions consultant, Olivia has an excellent track record of assisting her clients in gaining acceptance to the nation’s top colleges. After reading and evaluating thousands of applications as a former admissions officer, Olivia is an expert in understanding the essentials of a successful application.

As a member of the College Prep 360 team, Olivia brings a laser-like focus to supporting her students in developing and demonstrating their intellectual curiosity, which will not only make them successful in the admissions process but also enhance personal fulfillment throughout their educational journey. She helps students identify their unique interests and build credentials that convey the individuality and value they will bring to a college campus. She then collaborates with students to build thoughtful college lists that optimize their options and helps them weave their life stories into compelling, memorable personal essays that stand out.

After completing her BA at Bowdoin in Sociology and Education, Olivia went on to receive a master’s from Harvard in Education Leadership. She has also worked in educational advisory services before serving as the sole United States-based admissions manager at an international university. A born and bred New Yorker, Olivia attended the Chapin School for twelve years. She currently lives in Boston where she can be found sailing on the Charles River (weather permitting!), in a yoga class, or trying out a new restaurant.