Essay Coach & Tutor

Ryan began his work as an educator after completing his graduate degree at the Yale School of Drama 15 years ago; soon, through word of mouth, he filled his schedule preparing students for their ACTs and SATs. Coming from a performance art background, he strives to make learning fun, engaging and personal, while still getting great results. Over the years, he has also become an expert on college essays and application prep, working as an essay coach and head tutor at two of New York’s most prestigious boutique educational consulting companies. Ryan now works primarily with students in New York City, though he occasionally travels across the globe at the request of his clients. His skills range from helping students craft killer college essays to training new tutors and essay coaches to running essay workshops. He is proud to have helped hundreds of students achieve their academic goals and fulfill their dreams.

Ryan is also an accomplished screenwriter and playwright. His screenplay Black Flies was selected for the 2018 Black List and is scheduled to film this summer; he’s also developing a noir/sci-fi series for AMC. Ryan is a member of the Ars Nova Playgroup and Primary Stages New American Writers Group, and his plays have been developed across the country. When he’s not writing or helping other people write, he’s spending time with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn. Occasionally, he has time to do yoga, meditate, or jog.