College Advisor

After graduating from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s degree in History, Samantha joined the Office of Undergraduate Admission at her alma mater. During her three years there, she evaluated applications and advocated in committee for up to 1,500 students from across the country and led on- and off-campus information sessions for students, families, counselors, and teachers. In addition, Samantha collaborated with the Athletic Liaison (Assistant Dean) to the Department of Athletics on all matters related to the admission process and selection, including meeting with coaches and recruits to discuss academic requirements, admission process, student-athlete experience, and the evaluation of athlete transcripts. She was also the chief liaison to EPGY (Education Program for Gifted Youth) departments and online schools. After her time as an Admission Counselor, Samantha continued involvement with Stanford undergraduate admissions and alumni by serving as the 2013-2014 Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter Chair for Stanford University Outreach Volunteer Alumni Link (OVAL) and later as a Leadership Team member of the Stanford University Black Alumni Association of Boston.

Samantha also has a Master of Science in Education degree from the University of Pennsylvania and was a Ph.D. student in an interdisciplinary program of History and Sociology at Tulane University. Her research interests include African American and United States 20th-century history and sociology—more specifically, that of black male collegiate athletes and their relationship to the challenges presented by Division I-A athletics in higher education and to issues of access, choice, and achievement. Her various experiences over the years in undergraduate (Stanford University, Simmons University) and graduate (University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Tulane University) education and admissions, as well as private admissions consulting, have fostered her professional interests in academic advising, college counseling, and higher education administration.

Samantha relies on her experiences in holistic and interdisciplinary admissions to guide her when advising students. In addition to the importance of strategizing through the college admissions process, Samantha believes that finding the “perfect fit” goes beyond the academic, as the quality of the college experience is largely determined by the time spent both in and outside of the classroom. Helping students achieve their dreams through college admissions is one of her deepest passions.

University experience

Stanford University
Admissions Counselor & Seasonal Reader
Simmons College
Assistant Director of Admissions


Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania