College Advisor

Stephanie truly enjoys guiding high school students through every stage of college admissions, identifying impressive extracurricular opportunities and presenting her students' accomplishments so that they stand out in the selective college admissions process. She has worked in the education field for over twenty years, including eight years in undergraduate admissions at Duke University. During her time at Duke, she read thousands of applications from all over the world, selecting outstanding, unique students who would be great additions to Duke's student body. Stephanie also has over a decade of experience as a college adviser, working 1:1 with scores of students to successfully navigate the admissions process.

In her work at College Prep 360, Stephanie begins every engagement as an educator by getting to know the student where they are. She then works with students in partnership to encourage growth and elevate their individuality, so they can ultimately present their best and most authentic self to colleges. She feels strongly that students should not try to conform to a cookie-cutter version of the ideal high school senior or take a formulaic approach to their college applications. Her ultimate goal is for an application to demonstrate that the student and school are an excellent fit, which means knowing her students well, supporting them as they discover their potential, and helping them share what they have to offer in their essays.

Stephanie and her family reside in Cincinnati, but she has called many parts of the world home, including Germany and Japan (twice!). Her interests include politics, East Asian Studies, and international cuisine. She also enjoys traveling, yoga and walking Blossom, the family dog with markings like a cow.

University experience

Duke University
Undergraduate Admissions Reader