Tim is an actor, writer, and educator who has studied literature, language, and performance for a combined eight years. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he frequently produces work for screen and stage. As an undergraduate at Boston College, Tim graduated magna cum laude with a degree in English and Theatre, with a focus on the strangest corners of literature: medieval literature, early Russian modernism, and site-specific theater adaptations. During his time at BC, Tim participated in the Honors Program, which had students follow the path of the Western Cultural Tradition from ancient to contemporary times, in literature and philosophy, over the course of all four years. After gaining his undergraduate degree and joining Phi Beta Kappa, Tim went directly into the MFA program at Brown University.

At the Brown University/Trinity Repertory Program, Tim worked constantly for three years writing, directing, and acting with the schools focus on "cracking open" classic plays for contemporary audiences. While in graduate school, Tim had the honor to present a paper at the American Society for Theater Research annual conference on the interaction of digital personas and reality as a form of semi-conscious puppetry. Since moving to Los Angeles, Tim has taught for 3 years at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting, where he is the head of Speech and Dialect.


Boston College
Brown University